Mainframe modernisation: Overcoming hurdles to achieve agility

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Mainframe modernisation: Overcoming hurdles to achieve agility

For mainframe modernisation to be successful, financial institutions must remedy industry challenges that have permeated the space for several years. Steve Steuart – Global Head of Mainframe Migration and Modernization, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Keval Mehta – FS Cloud Lead, Accenture, discuss how financial institutions can best develop their mainframe modernisation strategies and what the digi…

Mainframe Modernization is Now Mainstream – It’s no longer a question of IF organizations need to modernize their core mainframe applications, but a question of HOW. By modernizing to the cloud, organizations can become more adaptable, reduce costs and innovate faster.


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Webinar: 10 Steps to True Mainframe Agility

Webinar: “Ten Steps to True Mainframe Agility – A Phased Approach to Cross-Platform DevOps Success.”

Enterprises must quickly and decisively transform their mainframe practices. The slow, inflexible methods of the past are intolerable impediments to success in today’s innovation-centric digital markets. No company can afford to delay mainframe transformation—or embark on such a transformation without a clear plan. But how? Where to begin? And how to mature your approach?
This webinar outlines a proven, phased approach for measurably modernizing mainframe practices. By following this approach, IT leaders can ensure their systems are competitive in the app-centric economy where mainframes must be as adaptive as any other platform. This phased approach enables enterprise IT to manage DevOps in an integrated manner across mainframe, distributed and cloud.

In this Webinar, you will learn:
How to modernize your mainframe development processes
How to empower developers at all skill and experience levels to deliver high quality code with less friction
Escape waterfall methods and deploy true agile, DevOps-enabling source code management
Enable a cloud plus mainframe hybrid IT strategy
Automate deployment of code into production

AWS re:Invent 2020: Mainframe workloads’ fast track to agility

Mainframe workloads are typically large, tightly coupled monoliths. Enterprises may initially choose a rip and replace approach and manually rewrite cloud-native microservices. However, this can be expensive, risky, and very slow. This session focuses on key characteristics that bring agility to mainframe workloads and covers accelerators that fast-track the transformation. Come learn about 12 agility attributes needed by mainframe workloads and how to quickly and incrementally evolve from a mainframe monolith to agile AWS services.

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Mainframe modernisation – from legacy to cloud

Mainframe modernisation – from legacy to cloud explainer video. This video is a visual representation of the benefits of modernising your mainframe and details the 7Rs framework.

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