Cryptocurrency exchange Coinmetro hits $180m valuation

January 31, 2022 0 Comments

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinmetro hits $180m valuation

Cryptocurrency exchange platform Coinmetro has reportedly raised $7m in an investment round that puts its valuation at $180m.

[#AMA | 24 July 2020] LIVE CRYPTO – Kevin MURCKO – CoinMetro CEO

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CoinMetro is an all in one cryptocurrency trading platform. We pride ourselves on the best service, integrity and transparency whilst charging the lowest fees in the industry.

Join our platform to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in fiat, trade on a full functionality exchange, margin trading or copy the trades of pro crypto traders. We’ve got it all.

CAUTION: Please note that CoinMetro does not provide investment advice. Furthermore, the cryptocurrency market is unregulated in many jurisdictions, extremely volatile and not recommended for people who are not familiar with trading methods, which may lead to a loss of all of your investment. We advise you carry out your own independent research as well as consult an investment advisor prior to buying cryptocurrencies.

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