Parents’ Day Out

We know that the work involved in having a new puppy/dog can be overwhelming, so in Parents’ Day Out we get the training started for you.

Your dog/puppy will have training, play time, and chill-out time.  The self-control they’ll practice in Parents’ Day Out will help you get focus for training later, whether you just want good manners or will be competing in sports like agility or obedience.

We will focus on training no more than 1 dogs at our Parents’ Day Out, so that the each dog gets ample training experiences to get them off on the right paw.

* A Report card on each dog/puppy for skills taught. Each week, you can select skills or problems for us to focus on during the Bootcamp.

* We’ll provide crates, or you can bring yours. Bring your own bed so we can work on ‘go to your bed’ with your dog’s own bed, which will help the skills transfer to your home crate.

* We recommend the dog or puppies in Parents’ Day Out also enroll in our class so that you can be trained, too! If you can’t manage that, we’d still love to help you and your puppy.

Fee:  $45

This class is taught by:

Vicki Keener

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Vicki grew up on a farm in Pennsylvania where she cared for many animals including dogs and cats. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and a Masters in teaching. She worked as a teacher for many years. While teaching she pursued her first love which is working with animals. She first worked as a Veterinarian Assistant but knew her interests where in behaviorism. She enrolled in the Animal Behavior College where she obtained her certification in dog training. In the process of getting certified, she volunteered at the VBSPCA and worked with trainers at the Merrimac Training facility. She then began holding classes at the VBSPCA and started working the Pets & Pals program where she showed troubled teens how to train dogs to make them more adoptable. In a couple of months, over 40 dogs where adopted out of this program. Vicki then moved to New Mexico where she started her own dog training business. While in New Mexico she took some time off to attend a dog handling and behavior class and then worked at Best Friends Animal Society. Some of her responsibilities at Best Friends included assessing dog’s behavior, holding classes for the dogs/caretakers and working with a “project” dog to help her become more adoptable. Also, at that time, she obtained an additional dog training certification through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers and became a Professional Member of APDT. In the past, she was an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and a Pet First Aid Instructor. Vicki enjoys playing beach volleyball and taking her two dogs Batman and Robin on long walks.

Lizzie Davis

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Lizzie grew up loving animals of all shapes and sizes. She began her career working at a horse barn that helped to rescue and rehabilitate ex-race horses and hoarding cases. While there she starting learning about animal behavior and the complexities of the animal mind. From there she worked at multiple veterinary hospitals and pet stores, but quickly found her love of animal behavior to be her true calling, and started training. Born and raised in Virginia Beach, she is currently working on her bachelors degree in psychology with a focus in the human/animal bond. In her free time she loves to take her dogs Neeko and Dexter on adventures. She also enjoys reading and tending to her multiple fish tanks.