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what participants say about us!

Camp at Holland Road Shelter 2017
*[My daughter] loved the VBSPCA camp so much, we are wondering if you have any spots left in the [other camps].--Parent
*[My daughter] had a BLAST today!  Thank you SO MUCH for making it possible!--Parent
*My son is loving the camp.--Parent

Camp at Happy Paws Training Center 2017
*[My daughter] had so much fun at camp, and our dog has benefited so much.--Parent

Camp at Happy Paws Training Center 2016
*I liked that we did activities . . . and training.  I like that we had dogs and other animals too.--Camper
*The staff taught me things that I can do at home.  When I asked for help the staff gave me advice how to do it.--Camper
*Thank you for a great week!  [My child] just loved this - we just wish it were longer to enjoy more.--Parent  
*I would recommend this camp because it was a fun experience and you learn alot about the dogs and how to train them.--Camper
*I learned that you have to be patient with dogs when you are training them and when they are learning a new trick.--Camper
*Email communication was effortless.--Parent

*[My children] said they are having a blast!--Parent
*It's perfect for dog lovers and for kids who need or want to spend more time around dogs and other fun critters.--Parent
*The kids liked some of the training techniques they learned--they really enjoyed meeting all of the dogs and other critters.--Parent

*Exposure to and learning about working dogs (i.e. dogs with jobs) was a bonus.--Parent
*[My child] loves working with all the dogs and crafts were very creative.--Parent

Birthday Parties

*My daughter and her friends LOVED getting to spend time with the animals!  The staff who helped with the party were fantastic!  Kids had a blast!  It’s a great deal & fun party & supports great cause.  Win-win!--Jen Anderson, Parent

*It’s a great, fun learning experience for the kids. I think it helps teach compassion since the animals do not have homes, and drives home the importance of being kind to animals and helping them.  My daughter and her friends loved the animal time in the conference room. Great assortment of animals to pet and hold, and her favorites were included.  The ladies who assisted us were very helpful, knowledgeable and committed. We didn’t need their assistance with set up, but appreciated their willingness to assist.--Parent

*Thanks for a great time!--Parent
*[E]veryone had a blast and all the dogs went home and took a nap!  Thanks for all your time and help!--Dog Owner (party for a 1-year old dog)

Tales & Tails Preschool Storytime
*"[T]hey had a great time!"--Parent

Vet for a Day Workshop

*Our 14 year old daughter participat ed in the "Vet for a Day" class today. She has not stopped talking or smiling about it since she got home. The staff did a great job and they learned so much!! Highly recommend this program if you have a child that is interested  in becoming a veterinari an or working in any other capacity with animals. The behind-the -scenes look gave our daughter a better idea of how things are done - priceless!—Missy Jackson Blackwell

*Serenity loved spending the day there!  She says she's going to work with animals one day now and had so many questions and knowledge when she got home!  She hasn't stopped talking about it yet and it was her 2nd time!  She says all her teachers were really nice.  I really love this program, and even though she's done it 2x now I think it will be a staple every couple of months for us.--Christin Foy, Parent       

*It is a hands-on educational experience that kids do not get in a traditional classroom setting.  It teaches children to be empathetic to those less fortunate then themselves and it teaches animal responsibility and respect.  I commend [VBSPCA] on their patience and dedication to educate.  [My son] Caleb was a tad nervous initially and the friendliness of the staff put him (and me) at ease.--Michelle Santiago, Parent (2/13/18 Vet for a Day)

*My daughter attended the Vet for a Day workshop today.  She did not stop talking about the fun she had today!  She even gave me a tour of your facility!...boy did she have FUN!....YOU ROCK!--Parent

*My daughter was at your Vet for a Day today and absolutely LOVED it.  Thank you so much for providing this amazing opportunity.--Parent (and 3rd grade VBCPS teacher)

*My girls did Vet for a Day and loved it.--Parent
*My son had a great day.--Parent
*My six year old daughter recently attended the Virginia Beach SPCA's Vet for a day program.  She was so excited to participate in the program [and] I was thrilled to have my daughter participate in such a great learning experience....The instructors at the SPCA provided a wonderful learning filled day.  Not only did the kids have a blast, they also learned valuable information at the same time.  Every child left there with a huge smile on their face and couldn't wait to tell their parents everything that they learned.--Parent (and high school VBCPS teacher)


Winter Workshop 2018

*[My son] had so much fun today and wanted to know if he can sign up for tomorrow also.--Parent

*This was so AMAZING!  Thank you Humane Ed for this workshop!  I've heard from several PETA peeps about how grateful they are for this.--VBSPCA Shelter Manager

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5660 Indian River Road #118
Virginia Beach, VA 23464

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