Reactive Dog

This class is taught by:

Tim Molina

Tim began working with dogs while in college. He quickly became fascinated with the way dogs learn and what makes them "tick." As Tim was training, he realized that the dogs in his community were missing something: someone to work with aggressive dogs. He was quick to fill this gap and soon began working with dogs who had various issues. After graduation from college, Tim was asked to join the staff of the Humane Society of Central Texas, where he was able to place hands on 5,000 dogs a year.


Tim then joined the staff at Best Friends Animal Society, the nation's largest no-kill sanctuary. While at Best Friends, he developed a center for training and rehabilitation that focused on dogs who had behavioral issues and were frequently labeled dog-aggressive. Tim has conducted behavioral consultations with clients from all across North America and in the Philippines.


Tim comes to Happy Paws as the former Canine Behavior Specialist for the Virginia Beach SPCA. Tim holds professional memberships with the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and is the only member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants in Hampton Roads.


In his free time, Tim enjoys cycling and taking his dogs to the beach. Tim has two dogs, Daisy, a Labrador retriever, and Falcor, a Jack Russell terrier. He also enjoys training his three cats, Lincoln, McLovin, and Oboe.

Lizzie Davis

Lizzie grew up loving animals of all shapes and sizes. She began her career working at a horse barn that helped to rescue and rehabilitate ex-race horses and hoarding cases. While there she starting learning about animal behavior and the complexities of the animal mind. From there she worked at multiple veterinary hospitals and pet stores, but quickly found her love of animal behavior to be her true calling, and started training. Born and raised in Virginia Beach, she is currently working on her bachelors degree in psychology with a focus in the human/animal bond. In her free time she loves to take her dogs Neeko and Dexter on adventures. She also enjoys reading and tending to her multiple fish tanks.
Your dog should be up-to-date on all vaccinations: DHPP (distemper/parvo) and rabies.

Are you afraid to take your dog out for a walk because he or she growls, lunges, or barks at every dog or person he/she sees? This class is really focused on both ends of the leash. Reactive Dog classes provide a safe environment for you and your dog to learn how to manage on leash reactivity. Your dog will learn exactly what is expected of them when they encounter something that normally causes them to react unfavorably. For humans, this class provides a support group and environment for handlers to learn handlers feeling criticized. We are proud to offer this unique class that requires at least 2 adult handlers for each dog. This class is 4 weeks long and you are required to have two private sessions before entering this class. Before registering for this class, please submit a behavioral history form to return to us.

The supplies for this class are a little different than our normal classes to ensure the safety of everyone and their dogs. We will be using a double leash system, with each leash attached to a separate collar, head halter, or harness. A treat bag or bait bag that you wear around your waist or on your belt is also required.

Fee: $300 for 2 private lessons and 4 weeks of group class